Thanks for finding time in your schedule to visit. If you’ve identified as Frazzled Type 2 then you have probably been running your business for a while and are finding it hard to fit everything you need to do into the day.

Firstly let me reassure you that this is completely normal… I know that doesn’t make it any less tricky to manage but you are not alone.

When I look at any business, even the sole traders, I like to see it as 3 distinct departments. They are

Getting customers is essential to having a business!

Your bit of expertise

This is the bit I’m expecting you to be the expert on but I’ve still got a few tips up my sleeve to make it easier for you. Your day to day operations sits here along with Customer Services

Behind The Scenes

This department includes finance, IT, HR, Data Protection and Health & Safety and more!

In a one person business you are not only the CEO but also the tea maker and in charge of all the areas above.

If any area of the business is neglected things get out of balance… and for many of the people I work with there is what I call the circle of doom. It goes like this:


  • IT WORKS. Alleluia. You have clients. Lots of them. Too many of them. You are working all the hours just to keep on top of things. You hardly have enough time to deliver your products or services. All marketing efforts are abandoned in favour of some time off occasionally. And then your website crashes because you haven’t updated it for ages as you were too busy with your clients. And your tax return is due and you have a bigger bill than expected because you haven’t had time to do your accounts.


  • One day you wake up and there are no clients. All the ones you have worked with have naturally moved on but you haven’t been doing any marketing so there are no new ones in the pipeline. Return to step 1 of the circle of doom wondering how bad it would be to work in Tesco before realising that you are probably unemployable as you are no longer prepared to work for someone else!

OK so the circle of doom is a bit tounge in cheek but the steps are real. Without a clear structure in your business you will find it hard to manage to ride the peaks and troughs. I’d love to help you smooth the ride.

The first thing I would love to invite you to do is watch my ONE THING video. This is the one thing I wish all small business owners would do to help them enjoy running their business more. You can watch it for free here. (sign up and I’ll send you the video so you can watch at your leisure)

How else can I help?

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